The life of Hazarat Isa (AS)

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The life of Hazarat Isa (AS)

To all Muslims, hazarat Isa (AS) also known as Jesus is one of the mightiest messengers of God. According to the teachings of Qur’an and Sunna Prophet Isa amongst the five major messengers of Allah which are: Noah, Ibrahim, Mosa, Isa, and Muhammad. From the perspective of Islam Hazarat Isa (AS) are such a highly esteemed figure and a reverent human being. Hazarat abu Huraira (RA) narrated that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “there are no prophets between Isa and me; he is the nearest one to me.”

Was he really born miraculously to a Mother without Father?

In the glorious Qur’an we read many verses describe the birth of Prophet Isa (AS) acknowledging that his Mother Maryam or Mary got pregnant with him without having sexual intercourse with any human being. First of all, he was born in Jerusalem on 25 December 1 AC according to the majority of the tales. Many detailed verses draw and interpret this event precisely aiming to clarify the truth and to show people that Allah can do whatever he wants. In the Holy Qur’an Chapter 16 (Surat Maryam: verses 16-36) Allah (SWT) takes 20 verses to demonstrate the event and to explain how Mary gave birth to prophet Isa (AS) while no man touched her.

The first 4 verses of the aforementioned 20 verses in Surat Maryam tell us simply that while Maryam was praying in the temple, an angel in the form of a man appeared before her, she said: “I seek refuge with (Allah) from you if you do fear Allah.” The angel said: “I am a Messenger from your Lord, to declare the gift of a righteous son.” She said: “How can I have a son, and no man has touched me, nor am I unchaste?” He said: “So it will be, your Lord said: “It is easy for me (Allah): And we wish to appoint him as a sign to mankind and a mercy from Us (Allah), and it is a matter that already had been decided.”

Furthermore, the Holy Qur’an confirms that Prophet Isa (as) actually spoke in the cradle vocally, declaring to the kindred that he is the servant of Almighty god and his messenger.

What is the Scripture of Hazarat Isa (AS)? And what are his Miracles?

When he became a grown man, prophet Isa (AS) commenced calling the sons of Israel to worship only one God who is the God of Adam (AS), Abraham (AS), Noah (AS), Joseph (AS), Johan (AS), Johan (AS) and Moses (AS). Allah (SWT) revealed new scripture to Isa (AS) called Al Injil (the Gospel) which pretty much asserted the revelations were sent before.

The Holy Qur’an enlightens us about the kind of Physical miracles prophet Isa (AS) was supported with (Ch 5- verse 110). In addition to his miraculous birth and the fact that he talked in the cradle, he was supported by some astonishing Miracles such as the ability to bring the dead back to life with God permission and the ability to heal the leper and the blind with God permission. He also had permission from Allah (SWT) to create a bird from clay, and then he would breathe into it to turn into a real bird.

Despite of the abundant clear miracles he was supported with, Prophet Isa greatly suffered the persecution and the denial of his people (the sons of Israel) barring small group of followers who were referred to in the Qur’an as Al Hawariin (the disciples).

Was he really crucified?

NO, not according to the Qur’an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the holy Qur’an is very clear and decisive regarding this matter. In chapter 4, (AL Nisaa) there are 2 verses (157- 158) state overtly what happened.

“And they said we have killed the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, the Messenger of God. They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, though it was made to appear like that to them; those that disagreed about him are full of doubt, with no knowledge to follow, only supposition: they certainly did not kill him. On the contrary, God raised him unto himself. God is almighty and wise.” (Surat Al Nisaa: verses 157- 158)

Indeed there was a conspiracy to murder Prophet Isa (AS) by crucifixion; however, Allah (SAW) saved him and raised him, and he shall be brought down to earth at the end of the world to declare that he is the servant of Allah, not his son, and he will announce his affiliation to the religion of Islam.

Please check: Sahih al Bukhari, volume 3, book 43: (Book of Knowledge), Hâdith 656.

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