Latest New Advice SMS Messages 2015-16

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  1. >>Live 4 the person who dies 4 u..

    >>Smile 4 the person who cries 4 u..

    >>Fight 4 the person who protects u..


    >>love the person who Loves u
    more than u..!!

  2. Don’t let the sadness of ur past ..

    and the fear of ur future ruin the..

    happiness of ur present…!!

  3. >>>Don’t ruin today…

    >>by worrying about…

    >>yesterday’s problem…!!

  4. Go 4 some1 who is..


    not only proud 2 have u ..


    but will also take every risk just 2 be with u…!!

  5. Never get too attached 2 anyone ..

    unless they also feel the same towards u..

    becOz 1 sided expectations can mentally destroy u..!!

  6. %%A Small Tip 4 Lifetime:%%

    “Try 2 Present Yourself That
    You Are HAPPY,

    Slowly It Becomes
    ur Habit
    Finally It Becomes
    ur Character.”

  7. LoOk Dear!

    A word to the wise isn’t necessary-






    it’s the stupid ones that need advice. ?? ??

  8. Now-a-days in 2015…

    Punjabies r replacing sardar with Pathans in
    Most sms.
    V read these sms smiling on our
    Self like fools & fOrward these sms to others…

    %%%%(Shame on Us)%%%%

    Show d World that Pathans r Respectable,

    Brave & Honourable in all the world…

    replace d Pathan with Punjabi/Chaudary.

    In each SMS & forward that..

    Long live Pathans!

    Forward it to all ur friends plz.

  9. A Beautiful Line Said By A Frnd…
    ”I don’t care when u disturb me,
    But I get disturb when u don’t disturb me” 🙂
  10. Go 2 help ur frnd in problem widout invitation..


    Don’t go 2 ur frnd’s happiness widout invitation..!!

  11. When a frnd is n trouble,
    don’t annoy him by asking..
    if there is anything u can do.
    Think up something appropriate & do it. ?? ??
  12. B4 u quit, Try!
    B4 u talk, Listen!.
    B4 u react, Think!
    B4 u criticize, Wait!
    B4 u move on, Forgive!
  13. Dekh bETA:

    the Success U search for whole of ur life..

    calls you 5 times a day 🙂

  14. Never Stop Doing UR best

    just becz someone does not

    give you credit! 🙂

  15. You C a person true Colors when

    you are no longer beneficial to their life…! 🙂 🙁

  16. Never show excess affection and care to Anyone

    Becz it is human tendency to Underestimate…

    Anything which is given free of cost! 🙂 🙁

  17. Bas Mujhse Aur Nahi Hoga
    Main Hi Karun Toh App Kab Karogay?
    Maine Apko Kiya Nah
    Chaloo Abb App Karoa
    Karo Na?
    IM Excited
    Karo Na Sms.
  18. Last Nig8 I Got A Severe Head Pain
    I Went To The Doctor
    He Said That It Would B Cured
    If I Send A Sms To Some Lunatic Prson
    “Tell Me,Whom Do I Know Other Than U?”.
  19. Feeling Bored?
    Wondering, Wha8 To Do?
    Open The Zip
    Enter Ur Hands In Between Ur Zip
    Take Out Ur
    Book 4rm Ur Bag Nd Study.
  20. Legs Utha Ke Karo
    Tangay Feala Ke Karo
    GHma GHma Ke Karo
    Aage Peechay Donoh Taraaf Kero
    Jitna Karogaye Utnaa Halka Mehsoos Hoga
    Ramdev Ji Ka Yoga
  21. All Wayz Keep Ur Lover’s Photo In Ur Purse
    When Ever U R In Big Trouble See The Photo
    U Will Feel That No Other Problem Bigger
    Than This
  22. When Ur Life Is In Darkness Pray 2
    God Ask Him 2 Free U 4rm Darkness
    After If U Pray &Ur Still In Darkness
    Plzzz Pay Ur Electricity Bill.
  23. U Will B A Rose 4r All Trees
    U Will B A Smile 4r All Faces
    U Will B Water Falls 4r All Hills
    & U Will B A Brohter 4r All
    Cute Girlz .
  24. I Am Sorry Yaar
    Aaj Tak Maine
    Tujhay Avoid Keya
    Kai Baar Tujhsay Baat Nahi Ki
    Tujhsay Hath Nahi Milaya
    Sorry Yaar Mujhay Pata Nahi
    Tha Ki Aids
    Chhune Say Nahi Failtaa.
  25. Tamaam Bewaqufon
    Koh Ittala Di Jati Hai
    App To Aisay Parh Rahe
    Hain Jaisay Yeah Ittala
    Aap Kay Liye Hou.
  26. If U Don’t Mind
    If U Don’t Feel Bad
    If Don’t Hesitate Plzz
    Give Me A K Ki Kis Kiss Kiss
    Kissan Jam Bottle Just
    Rs.22.50 Only Soon.
  27. Never Mind What Otherz Do
    Do Beter Than Yourxelf
    Beat Ur Own Recordz Everyday
    & Pray To God 4or A Beter Tom
    Xuccess Will Chase U.
  28. Keep Inn Mind That
    Thr Will Alwayz Be
    Reasonz To Becomez Sad But
    Thr Will Never Be
    Reasonz 2 Stay Sad.
  29. As Soon As U Trust Urself
    You Will Know How 2 Live
    People Who Believe
    A Problem Can Be Solved
    Tend 2 Become Buzzy Solving It.
  30. Santa: I Lost My Dog
    Sham: Put An Advertisement Inn Newspaper
    Santa: Don’t Be Silly
    My Dog Can not Read the Newspaper.
  31. Every Good Thought Iss
    A Star Whixh Leads U On
    Shining In The Dark
    Making Ur Pathway Radiant.
  32. Face The Situation Fearlessly
    Nd Soon
    Thr Will Be No Situation 2 Face.
  33. It Is Better F0r
    Us T0 Feel Bad Rather
    Than T0 Make
    0thers Feel Bad.
  34. Miracles D0 0ccur
    But 0ne Has T0 W0rk
    Hard F0r
    Them T0 Happen.
  35. It Is Attitude Rather
    Than Ur Aptitude
    Which Determines
    Ur Altitude.
  36. Dream As If U Will
    Live F0rever Live As
    If U Will Die T0day.
  37. I I L I L0 I L0v I L0ve I L0ve U
    I L0ve U The M0st
    I L0ve U The Best I L0ve U
    A L0t Bec0use Menaka Gandhi Said
    Pe0ple Sh0uld L0ve Animals|
  38. Just a friendly reminder




    relati0nships are preci0us d0 n0t hurt
    them by f00ling nd lying 0n first April.

  39. When Your Life iSS iN DarkneSS Pray To God Ask Him To free you Frm Darkness & After If You pray &ur still in darkness , please paY Your ELECTRIcITY Bill
  40. YOu will be A ROSE For All TReeS You will be a SMILE For all FaceS U will Be WATER FAllS for all HIllS & You will be a BRotheR For All CUTE GirlS
  41. I am sorry Yaar, Ajj tAAk Mainay Tujhe avoid kiya,kai Bar tujhse bat nahi kI,tujhse Hath nahi Milaya, Sorry yaar Mujhe pata nahi tha ki
    chhune se nahi Mailta.
  42. TAMaM bewaquFoon ko Ittala di Jati hai
    Aap to Aise parh rahe hain Jaise yeah Ittala aPP ka Liye ho.
  43. NEVER BlamE a DaY iN ur LifE.

    G00d Days givE Happiness>

    Bad Days give Experience

    Worst Days givE LessoN>


    Best Days give Memeoories,,,!

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