Is Chand Pay Dagh Nahi on A Plus Episode 21

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Is Chand Pay Dagh Nahi on A Plus Episode 21

The central character of this story is a girl who is nicknamed Baji and she is around 30 years old and unmarried. She takes care of her old mother and siblings. Her mother is not allowing her to get married because she wants her to take care of her. Baji thus sacrifices , and later she will come across two different families and somehow their stories will merge. What will become of Baji? Stay tuned!.
Written by Norran Makhdom
Directed by Amir Yousuf
Cast includes Firdous Jamal,Saba Faisal,Zarnish Khan,Amna Malik,Kamran Jillani,Kashif Mehmood,Arsalan Idrees,Nirwan Nadeem,Afshan Qureshi,Ayesha Khan

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