Belize City Codes

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Belize City Codes
Belize City+501    2
Benque Viejo+501    93
Cayo+501    9
Corozal+501    4
Dangriga+501    5
Independence+501    6
Orange Walk+501    3
Punta Gorda+501    7
Stann Creek+501    5
Toledo+501    7

Belize Country Code 501

Telephone Country Code:501
ISO Country Code, 2 Digit:BZ
ISO Country Code, 3 Digit:BLZ
Belize Flag

Belize Country Codes is your complete guide to make a call from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. This page details Belize phone code.

The Belize country code 501 will allow you to call Belize from another country. Belize telephone code 501 is dialed after the IDD. Belize international dialing 501 is followed by an area code.

The Belize area code table below shows the various city codes for Belize. Belize country codes are followed by these area codes. With the complete Belize dialing code, you can make your international call.

Belize Statistics
International Dialing Prefix (IDD) 0
National Dialing Prefix (NDD) 0
Capital of BelizeBelmopan
Belize Electrical Outlet110 V / 220 V,60 Hz

Type B
Electrical Outlet
Type G
Electrical Outlet
Belize Phone Jack
British Phone Jack
US RJ-11 Phone Jack
Belize LanguagesSpanish 46%, Creole 32.9%, Mayan dialects 8.9%, English 3.9% (official), Garifuna 3.4% (Carib), German 3.3%, other 1.4%, unknown 0.2% (2000 census)
Belize CurrencyBelize Dollar (BZD)
Belize Population307,899 (177 of 1)
Belize Area, Sq. Km.Total: 22,966 (152 of 1)
Land: 22 Water: 160
Belize GDP (US$)$2,536,000,000 (176 of 1)
Telephones33,900 (176 of 1)
Mobile Phones118,300 (175 of 1)
Internet Hosts2,751 (134 of 1)
Internet Users32,000 (178 of 1)

Belize Area Code

When searching for a Belize area code, refer to the table named Belize City Codes on this page. You can also find the Belize international code, or ISO. Belize telephone codes vary from other countries. This page is specifically international dialling codes Belize. For information on international dialing codes for Belize or any other country, search Purchase Business Toll Free at Toll Free with lots of great features, from

Belize Country Code 501

The Belize country code 501 is used for calling Belize from another country. The Belize dial code may also include area or city codes. The different Belize calling codes are listed on this page. To make a free call to Belize, refer to the resources on this page. Buy your own us toll free with an online control center. Us Toll Free from can give your business an edge.

Belize Country Codes

The dialing code for Belize is 501. Belize country codes are listed here for your reference, along with other information you may find useful. Search for international dialing code Belize, or for other countries. International dialling code Belize will differ from other countries’ codes. We have the best Call Forwarding Services and manage your account online. Call Forwardingand other great services, like a dedicated local number in any country.

Belize Phone Code

Belize phone code will enable you to make phone calls to Belize from another country. You may also need city codes. If you want to make international calls to Belize, first dial the IDD, then country code, any area code, and the local number. If you are calling from Belize, search for the country you are calling. International calling codes Belize will be different than the calling code for other countries. Click to find 0800 UK now.0800 UK just a click away at

Belize Dialing Code

This page is focused on Belize dialing code. Belize dial codes will help you with Belize country calling. Refer to the tables on this page for tips on Belize country telephone dialing. Or search for dial codes in other countries.

Call From Belize

To make an international call from Belize, first dial the IDD, then the country code. The Belize international phone code is 501. International phone codes Belize may also need to include area or city codes. Refer to this page for instructions on using international codes Belize.

Belize Telephone Code 501

Belize telephone code 501 is used to make international calls from Belize. You may also see 501 referred to as the Belize country phone code, or Belize international calling code. The Belize ISO country code is a two- or three-letter code to represent Belize internationally.

Belize International Dialing 501

Belize international dialing 501 is used when making international calls to Belize. To make international calls to Belize, dial the country code after dialing the IDD. International telephone codes Belize also include area codes, or city codes. These international area codes Belize are listed in the table on this page.

Belize Dialing Codes

The Belize dialing codes on this page include country code, Belize ISO Country Codes, and area and city codes. The Belize international country codes 501 is dialed after the IDD in order to make international calls to Belize. The Belize international dial code is usually followed by the city or area code.

Belize Phone Codes

The Belize phone codes will help you make international phone calls to Belize. In order to make international calls to Belize, use Belize’s country code before dialing the local number.The Belize country dialing code is only used when calling Belize from another country. To make an international call to Belize, you may also need a city or area code. Not looking for Belize country codes? Belgium country codes information can be found at Belgium country codes and Benin country codes information can be found at Benin country codes.

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