Belarus City Codes

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Belarus City Codes
Brest Oblast+375    16
Brest Oblast – Baranovichi+375    163
Brest Oblast – Bereza+375    1643
Brest Oblast – Brest+375    162
Brest Oblast – Drogichin+375    1644
Brest Oblast – Gancevichi+375    1646
Brest Oblast – Ivanovo+375    1652
Brest Oblast – Ivatsevichi+375    1645
Brest Oblast – Kamenets+375    1631
Brest Oblast – Kobrin+375    1642
Brest Oblast – Luninets+375    1647
Brest Oblast – Lyahovichi+375    1633
Brest Oblast – Malorita+375    1651
Brest Oblast – Pinsk+375    165
Brest Oblast – Pruzhanu+375    1632
Brest Oblast – Stolin+375    1655
Brest Oblast – Zhabinka+375    1641
Gomel Oblast – Bragin+375    2344
Gomel Oblast – Buda-Koshelevo+375    2336
Gomel Oblast – Chechersk+375    2332
Gomel Oblast – Dobrush+375    2333
Gomel Oblast – Elsk+375    2354
Gomel Oblast – Gomel+375    2322
Gomel Oblast – Hoyniki+375    2346
Gomel Oblast – Kalinkovichi+375    2345
Gomel Oblast – Korma+375    2337
Gomel Oblast – Lelchitsu+375    2356
Gomel Oblast – Loev+375    2347
Gomel Oblast – Mozur+375    2351
Gomel Oblast – Narovlya+375    2355
Gomel Oblast – Oktyabrski+375    2357
Gomel Oblast – Petrikov+375    2350
Gomel Oblast – Rechitsa+375    2340
Gomel Oblast – Rogachev+375    2339
Gomel Oblast – Svetlogorsk+375    2342
Gomel Oblast – Vetka+375    2330
Gomel Oblast – Zhitkovichi+375    2353
Gomel Oblast – Zhlobin+375    2334
Grodno Oblast – Berestovitsa+375    1511
Grodno Oblast – Dyatlovo+375    1563
Grodno Oblast – Grodno+375    152
Grodno Oblast – Ivye+375    1595
Grodno Oblast – Korelichi+375    1596
Grodno Oblast – Lida+375    1561
Grodno Oblast – Mostu+375    1515
Grodno Oblast – Nobogrudok+375    1597
Grodno Oblast – Oshmyanu+375    1593
Grodno Oblast – Ostrovets+375    1591
Grodno Oblast – Shchuchin+375    1514
Grodno Oblast – Slonim+375    1562
Grodno Oblast – Smorgon+375    1592
Grodno Oblast – Svisloch+375    1513
Grodno Oblast – Volkovusk+375    1512
Grodno Oblast – Voronovo+375    1594
Grodno Oblast – Zelva+375    1564
Minsk Oblast – Berezino+375    1715
Minsk Oblast – Borisov+375    1777
Minsk Oblast – Cherven+375    1714
Minsk Oblast – Dzerzhinsk+375    1716
Minsk Oblast – Kletsk+375    1793
Minsk Oblast – Kopul+375    1719
Minsk Oblast – Krupki+375    1796
Minsk Oblast – Logoysk+375    1774
Minsk Oblast – Lyuban+375    1794
Minsk Oblast – Maryina Gorka+375    1713
Minsk Oblast – Minsk+375    17
Minsk Oblast – Molodechno+375    1773
Minsk Oblast – Myadel+375    1797
Minsk Oblast – Naroch+375    1797
Minsk Oblast – Nesvizh+375    1770
Minsk Oblast – Pleshchenitsu+375    1779
Minsk Oblast – Puhovichi+375    1713
Minsk Oblast – Slutsk+375    1795
Minsk Oblast – Smolevichi+375    1776
Minsk Oblast – Soligorsk+375    1710
Minsk Oblast – Starye Dorogi+375    1792
Minsk Oblast – Stolbtsu+375    1717
Minsk Oblast – Uzda+375    1718
Minsk Oblast – Vileyka+375    1771
Minsk Oblast – Volozhin+375    1772
Minsk Oblast – Zhodino+375    1775
Mogilev Oblast – Belunichi+375    2232
Mogilev Oblast – Bobruysk+375    225
Mogilev Oblast – Buhov+375    2231
Mogilev Oblast – Chausu+375    2242
Mogilev Oblast – Cherikov+375    2243
Mogilev Oblast – Dribin+375    2248
Mogilev Oblast – Glusk+375    2230
Mogilev Oblast – Gorki+375    2233
Mogilev Oblast – Hotimsk+375    2247
Mogilev Oblast – Kirovsk+375    2237
Mogilev Oblast – Klichev+375    2236
Mogilev Oblast – Klimovichi+375    2244
Mogilev Oblast – Kostyukovichi+375    2245
Mogilev Oblast – Krasnopolye+375    2238
Mogilev Oblast – Krichev+375    2241
Mogilev Oblast – Krugloye+375    2234
Mogilev Oblast – Mogilev+375    222
Mogilev Oblast – Mstislavl+375    2240
Mogilev Oblast – Osipovichi+375    2235
Mogilev Oblast – Shklov+375    2239
Mogilev Oblast – Slavgorod+375    2246
Region Codes – Gomel Oblast+375    23
Region Codes – Grodno Oblast+375    15
Region Codes – Minsk Oblast+375    17
Region Codes – Mogilev Oblast+375    22
Region Codes – Vitebsk Oblast+375    21
Vitebsk Oblast – Beshenkovichi+375    2131
Vitebsk Oblast – Braslav+375    2153
Vitebsk Oblast – Chashniki+375    2133
Vitebsk Oblast – Dokshitsu+375    2157
Vitebsk Oblast – Dubrova+375    2137
Vitebsk Oblast – Glubokoye+375    2156
Vitebsk Oblast – Gorodok+375    2139
Vitebsk Oblast – Lepel+375    2132
Vitebsk Oblast – Liozno+375    2138
Vitebsk Oblast – Mioru+375    2152
Vitebsk Oblast – Novopolotsk+375    214
Vitebsk Oblast – Orsha+375    2161
Vitebsk Oblast – Polotsk+375    214
Vitebsk Oblast – Postavu+375    2155
Vitebsk Oblast – Rossonu+375    2159
Vitebsk Oblast – Senno+375    2135
Vitebsk Oblast – Sharkovshchin+375    2154
Vitebsk Oblast – Shumilino+375    2130
Vitebsk Oblast – Tolochin+375    2136
Vitebsk Oblast – Ushachi+375    2158
Vitebsk Oblast – Verhnedvinsk+375    2151
Vitebsk Oblast – Vitebsk+375    212


Belarus Country Code 375

Telephone Country Code:375
ISO Country Code, 2 Digit:BY
ISO Country Code, 3 Digit:BLR
Belarus Flag

Belarus Country Codes is your complete guide to make a call from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. This page details Belarus phone code.

The Belarus country code 375 will allow you to call Belarus from another country. Belarus telephone code 375 is dialed after the IDD. Belarus international dialing 375 is followed by an area code.

The Belarus area code table below shows the various city codes for Belarus. Belarus country codes are followed by these area codes. With the complete Belarus dialing code, you can make your international call.

Belarus Statistics
International Dialing Prefix (IDD) 8 (wait for tone) 10
National Dialing Prefix (NDD) 8
Capital of BelarusMinsk
Belarus Electrical Outlet220 V,50 Hz

Type C
Electrical Outlet
Type F
Electrical Outlet
Belarus Phone Jack
British Phone Jack
US RJ-11 Phone Jack
Belarus LanguagesBelarusian, Russian, other
Belarus CurrencyBelarussian Rouble ( (BYR)
Belarus Population9,648,533 (86 of 1)
Belarus Area, Sq. Km.Total: 207,600 (86 of 1)
Land: 202 Water: 4
Belarus GDP (US$)$114,100,000,000 (61 of 1)
Telephones3,672,000 (41 of 1)
Mobile Phones6,960,000 (67 of 1)
Internet Hosts68,118 (71 of 1)
Internet Users6,000,000 (37 of 1)

Belarus Area Code

When searching for a Belarus area code, refer to the table named Belarus City Codes on this page. You can also find the Belarus international code, or ISO. Belarus telephone codes vary from other countries. This page is specifically international dialling codes Belarus. For information on international dialing codes for Belarus or any other country, search Visit us for Toll Free Phone Number with easy online control center. Toll Free is easy with

Belarus Country Code 375

The Belarus country code 375 is used for calling Belarus from another country. The Belarus dial code may also include area or city codes. The different Belarus calling codes are listed on this page. To make a free call to Belarus, refer to the resources on this page. Click for your 0800 UK at 0800 Numbers free for 0800-uk0800 UK days, with

Belarus Country Codes

The dialing code for Belarus is 375. Belarus country codes are listed here for your reference, along with other information you may find useful. Search for international dialing code Belarus, or for other countries. International dialling code Belarus will differ from other countries’ codes. Click here for international phone number and choose your own number. International Phone Numberfrom has helped thousands of businesses like yours grow.

Belarus Phone Code

Belarus phone code will enable you to make phone calls to Belarus from another country. You may also need city codes. If you want to make international calls to Belarus, first dial the IDD, then country code, any area code, and the local number. If you are calling from Belarus, search for the country you are calling. International calling codes Belarus will be different than the calling code for other countries. Increase sales with pbx service now. Pbx Service from lets you to conduct business anywhere.

Belarus Dialing Code

This page is focused on Belarus dialing code. Belarus dial codes will help you with Belarus country calling. Refer to the tables on this page for tips on Belarus country telephone dialing. Or search for dial codes in other countries.

Call From Belarus

To make an international call from Belarus, first dial the IDD, then the country code. The Belarus international phone code is 375. International phone codes Belarus may also need to include area or city codes. Refer to this page for instructions on using international codes Belarus.

Belarus Telephone Code 375

Belarus telephone code 375 is used to make international calls from Belarus. You may also see 375 referred to as the Belarus country phone code, or Belarus international calling code. The Belarus ISO country code is a two- or three-letter code to represent Belarus internationally.

Belarus International Dialing 375

Belarus international dialing 375 is used when making international calls to Belarus. To make international calls to Belarus, dial the country code after dialing the IDD. International telephone codes Belarus also include area codes, or city codes. These international area codes Belarus are listed in the table on this page.

Belarus Dialing Codes

The Belarus dialing codes on this page include country code, Belarus ISO Country Codes, and area and city codes. The Belarus international country codes 375 is dialed after the IDD in order to make international calls to Belarus. The Belarus international dial code is usually followed by the city or area code.

Belarus Phone Codes

The Belarus phone codes will help you make international phone calls to Belarus. In order to make international calls to Belarus, use Belarus’s country code before dialing the local number.The Belarus country dialing code is only used when calling Belarus from another country. To make an international call to Belarus, you may also need a city or area code. Not looking for Belarus country codes? Barbados country codes information can be found at Barbados country codes and Belgium country codes information can be found at Belgium country codes.

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