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  1. Never Love Someone because LOVE stands for
    L: Loss of Money
    O: Out of Mind
    V: Valley of Tensions
    E: End of Life
    So don’t Love, just line maro
  2. GIRL stands for
    G: GOSSIP mai sab sai agay
    I: INNOCENT sirf shakal say
    R: RONAY ki machine
    L: LARAYI mai sab ki maa
  3. BOYS stands for
    B: BADMASHIYON mai sab sai agay
    O: OLLU ki tara raat mai jagay
    Y: YARIYIAN nebhaye jaan laga ke
    S: SHAREEF sirf maa baaf ke samnay
  4. SORRY
    Oh don’t be confused, SORRY means
    S: Some
    O: One is
    R: Really
    R: Remembering
    Y: You
  5. Why students hate MATHS?
    Because MATHS means
    M: Mental
    A: Attack
    T: To
    H: Healthy
    S: Students
  6. Some Degrees and their meanings
    Most Beautiful But Stupid
    Basic Confidence of Mohabbat
    Beautiful, Bold & Attractive
    Life Lasting Boredom
    Perfect Healthy Dream-girl
  7. The real meaning of STUDY is
    S: Sleeping
    T: Talking
    U: Unlimited SMS
    D: Dreaming
    Y: Yawing ?
  8. Agar koi larki apko “BHAI” kahay, don’t mind it, because she means to say
    B: Beautiful
    H: Husband
    A: Among
    I: Ideals
  9. Always care your FRIEND
    Because “FRIEND” stands for
    F: Full of Love
    R: Root of Happiness
    I: Island of Respect
    E: End of sorrows
    N: Name of hope
    D: Door of understanding
    So never lose you “Friends
  10. STUPID
    Don’t be confused I mean to say
    S: Sari zindagi
    T: Tum sai
    U: Umar bhar ki dosti
    P: Pana chahta hon,
    I: Islie
    D: Duawon mai yaad rakhna
  11. Do you know what does “HELLO” mean??
    HELLO stands for
    H: How are you?
    E: Everything is fine?
    L: Like to hear from you.
    L: Love to see you soon.
    O: Obviously, I miss you
  12. Always greet “SALAM” to others when you meet them because “SALAM” stands for
    S: Sada Khush raho
    A: Abaad raho
    L: La-zawal kamyabiyan Pawo
    A: Apki har arzo pori ho
    M: Mujhy dua mai yaad rakhna !!
    SALAM to you too
  13. Hi… BITCH
    You will not mind it if you know what I mean from “BITCH” it means
    B: Beautiful
    I: Intelligent
    T: Talented
    C: Cute
    H: Hilarious
    I know you are smiling now
  14. Hi… BITCH
    You will not mind it if you know what I mean from “BITCH” it means
    B: Beautiful
    I: Intelligent
    T: Talented
    C: Cute
    H: Hilarious
    I know you are smiling now
  15. Do you know what does SMS really means??
    SMS means
    S: Sardaron ki
    M: Mazak Urany ki
    S: Service
  16. Pathans changed the name of their province “N.W.F.P”, because
    N.W.F.P. stands for
    N: No
    W: Woman
    F: For
    P: Pathans
  17. Why do students go to COLLEGE regularly?
    Because COLLEGE means
    C: Come
    O: On !
    L: Let’s
    L: Love
    E: Every
    G: Girl
    E: Equally
  18. Hello…. Dear
    DEAR means
    D: Don’t forget me
    E: Enter into my heart
    A: Always be with me
    R: Remember me in your prays
  19. Hi… Darling
    DARLING stands for
    D: Don’t go away from me
    A: Always keep me in your heart
    R: Remember me
    L: Life is incomplete without you
    I: I miss you
    N: Never leave me alone
    G: Give me your heart
  20. It is my LAST SMS to you
    Don’t worry by “LAST” I mean
    L: Love for you
    A: Always be happy
    S: Sending you best wishes
    T: There is no end of our friendship
  21. I hate you..
    Don’t be upset, because
    “HATE” I mean
    H: Hold me in your heart
    A: Always be with me
    T: There is no end to our love
    E: Enter into my heart
    So again “I hate you
  22. Don’t lose heart if you find something IMPOSSIBLE
    Because IMPOSSIBLE itself says
    “I m possible”
  23. GOOD MORNING stands for
    G: God may
    O: Offer you his
    O: Outstanding
    D: Devotion to
    M: Make you
    O: Optimistic and
    R: Ready for
    N: New Day to
    I: Initiate
    N: New
    G: Goals
    So “GOOD MORNING” to you
  24. Our lovely country
    PAKISTAN Stands for
    P: Perfect
    A: Ambitious
    K: Knowledge-Centre
    I: Islamic
    S: Super
    A: Able
    N: Nation
  25. HUGS will make your day wonderful
    HUGS stands for
    H: Happy feelings
    U: Ultimate Joys
    G: Great love and respect
    S: Sympathy for others
  26. Husband: Do you know what does “WIFE” means?
    It means “Without Information Fighting Everytime”
    Wife: No dear
    It means “With Idiot For Ever”
  27. Khabi kesi se MOHABBAT mat karna
    Because MOHABBAT means
    M: Mot (Death)
    O: Oljhan (Dilemma)
    H: Harna (Losing)
    A: Aanso (Tears)
    B: Barbadi (Destruction)
    B: Bewafayi (Dis-loyalti)
    A: Andhaira (Darkness)
    T: Tanhayi (Loneliness)
  28. Papa: Beti FSc ke baad kia karogi?
    Beti: B.B.A karongi…
    Papa: What is B.B.A????
    Beti: “Boyfriend ki Bike par Aish” !!
  29. FATHER means
    F: Forever with family
    A: Always there for your guidance
    T: The only one who care about family members
    H: He even sacrifice his own joys for the family
    E: Encouragement for your success
    R: Really a deserves respect
  30. What does FRIDAY stands for?????
    FRIDAY stands for
    F: Farz Allah ka Ada Karo..
    R: Rab ko razi Karo…
    I: Ibadat dil say karo…
    D: Durood Kasrat sai Parho…
    A: Allah Taalah sai Maango..
    Y: Yad rakho mujhy apni duawon mai

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